How Mentally Tough Are You?

A Short Quiz for Business Owners Just how mentally tough are you? Take a few moments to fill out this questionnaire that covers several component skills of mental toughness. When you're finished, send us an email to receive a self-evaluation for

"Scoring Your Results" to determine your mental strengths and weaknesses: Answer T for True and F for False for each statement:

  1. I frequently worry about making mistakes.
  2. I get really down on myself when my business performs poorly and I mess up.
  3. It's easy for me to let go of my mistakes.
  4. If I start out badly, it's hard for me to turn my performance around.
  5. I get distracted by what the coach thinks whenever I screw up.
  6. I bounce back quickly from setbacks, bad breaks and mistakes.
  7. I do my best when there's more pressure on me.
  8. I get too nervous to really perform to my potential.
  9. I do better in preparation than I do when it really counts the most.
  10. I tend to get easily psyched out or intimidated.
  11. I can keep myself calm and composed under pressure.
  12. I don't want the ball/dread competing at "crunch time." (big business opportunity).
  13. My coach's comments makes me loose my focus.
  14. I tend to get easily distracted.
  15. Certain outsiders can get into my head and throw me off my game.
  16. Lousy business economic conditions or events (weather, politics, legislation, news, etc.) negatively affect me.
  17. I have no trouble focusing on what's important and blocking everything else out.
  18. I think too much about what could go wrong right before and during important business actions, (the "what if's").
  19. One or two failures do not shake my confidence.
  20. I tend to compare myself too much with outsiders and competitors.
  21. I'd rather compete against a better competitor and lose than go up against a weaker competitor and win.
  22. I am a confident and self-assured business owner.
  23. I tend to be too negative.
  24. I have trouble dealing with negative self-talk (thoughts).
  25. I get more motivated after failures and setbacks.
  26. It's easy for me to consistently prepare my business at a high level of intensity.
  27. I think about how today's learning will help me get to my goals.
  28. I find myself just going through the motions a lot in preparation for business improvements.
  29. I have clear goals that are important for me to achieve.
  30. I am a highly motivated business owner.

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Request "Scoring Results" - How Mentally Tough Are You? (Adapted from: Competitive Advantage, Dr. Alan Goldberg, 226 Strong Street, Amherst, MA 01002)

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