It’s good to have an objective person to hold you accountable, to make you do things that maybe you would not do. To look at things from a different perspective. To put some structure around what you’re doing. For me, I don’t know how anybody (getting started in a business venture or trying to take their business to the next level), thinks that they can do it on their own.
— Kim Kramer, Senior Vice President and Financial Advisor
The transition of wearing all hats related to the business to wearing only a few hats can be quite daunting. This process would have been much more difficult without coaching. In hindsight, I should have begun coaching with you shortly after forming my business in 2006! In addition, personal development seems to be the amazing side effect of business coaching, and for that, we extend our gratitude.
— Cathleen Erb, President, My Dog, Inc.
John has been an immense help to me with my expanding law practice. With his knowledge of best business practices, he has helped us professionalize our operation and position us for further growth. The net result: the practice is more profitable, I manage the firm with less stress, and we’re more effective than ever in serving clients. I’m sure I wouldn’t have achieved these results this fast without John’s sage advice and counsel.
— Andrew Sykes, Esq., President, Sykes Elder Law, LLC, Pittsburgh, PA
Wendy was a wonderful mentor in preparing me to launch my new business. We first did a DISC assessment and worked on ways to maximize my own strengths and better interact with new and potential business partners. She helped me determine the steps to take and the processes to create to setup my business. She provided actionable feedback and was there for me during the ups and downs along the way. I highly recommend Wendy and ThistleSea.
— Diane Danforth, Founder, Americat Company
I have been doing the coaching for only a few months, but I cannot believe how much my profit margins have increased. [Wendy] has helped me to cut costs, to plan for the future and to increase sales. I really can’t believe how much of a difference ThistleSea has made in my business.
— Sheila Hyland, Owner, FosterHyland & Associates
In my personal experience with coaching, the only negative I have is that it was not done with more people at the company I work for. While I improved and matured in my leadership, others have not been able to do the same, as they have not had the same coaching.
— Scott Whipkey, Senior Design Engineer, Nord-Lock Group
Wendy was a tremendous resource while I was seeking employment. She provided invaluable perspective on employers’ priorities that was spot-on as I prepared for interviews. Equally important, she provided encouragement by helping me to identify my marketable skills. Wendy gets my unconditional recommendation as a coach.
— James Warmbrodt
When you meet Wendy, you can’t help but gravitate to her contagious personality and passion for what she does. She truly puts her clients and prospects first. She is very easy to talk to, work with, and I would absolutely recommend her to any of my clients. Her knowledge and professionalism as a business coach separates her from others in her industry. If you aren’t sure if you need someone to partner with you or your company, I would recommend taking a few minutes to talk to her. It will be well worth the investment of your time.
— Dan Penberthy, Business Banking Officer, First Commonwealth Bank
Wendy is simply put – an amazing coach. If you are a small business owner, Wendy is the person you need to call. Once you start working with her, you will never feel alone in business again. She is constantly coming up with new ideas for fusion marketing, business growth as well as ways to make your business more efficient. Thank you for all the support and assistance, Wendy!
— Dr. Amanda Jordan, Owner, Jordan Family Chiropractic
The bottom line result of all of this has been profitable sales growth - averaging 25% growth a year in sales. Quite profitable... [and] managing to keep our gross margins higher than when we started, despite that growth.
— Ken Doerbecker, Owner, Perfection Services, Inc., Wexford, PA
I have been getting help from ThistleSea since November of 2011. The problem I came to ThistleSea with was mainly not having good systems in place. Once Wendy and John began to help me, life as the CEO of Daly Care Associates became easier. Thanks to their leadership, we now have structure and clarity. I feel comfortable leaving my business to go on vacation or take care of family members. All of our systems are now in place, and I do enjoy Wendy’s upbeat, motivating way of keeping me focused.

I recommend ThistleSea to any owner or key employee who needs the dedication that the staff of ThistleSea provides. They go the extra mile every day to minimize my stress level so I can run Daly Care at maximum efficiency.
— Cecilia Daily-Astarb, CEO, Daly Care Associates At-Home Care
I have known Wendy for many years. I worked with her in the 1990′s while she was with Amerinet and I have continued to work with her as recently as this year (2011). Wendy is professional in every respect and is an individual that completes projects and helps her clients achieve the desired positive outcomes. I recommend Wendy to any individual or business that is looking to her and her organization for help.
— Carl (CJ) Joyner
My business is very important to my family and me. ThistleSea Business Development coach John Laslavic and I have worked closely together to turn my business around, establishing a strong vision for its future growth, expansion and improving our profitability.
— Bradley Zeigler, President & CEO, Roach & Ziegler Interiors, Zelienople, PA
The initial goal when I started this was to see if we could increase sales by 10% and drop costs by 10%. In the last years, we’ve increased our sales 20%.
— Jeff Kuhn, Owner, Elite Orthotics, Zelienople, PA