Advice from a Moose

By Wendy Lydon

In September, 2015, I had an exciting vacation with family in Yellowstone National Park. It was one of our all-time favorite trips. The time in the outdoors provided me with fresh air and reflection time. I picked up several “Advice from . . ." writings authored by Ilan Shamir. I'd like to share those with you and expand the thinking for you to apply to your business.

Think Big

Oh, this is a BIG one! Come out of your comfort zone and think big! What BIG things can happen with your business? As business owners and leaders, we tend to stay within the confines of our thinking fearing what may (or may not) happen if we try something new or different. When was the last time you really thought about what you could be if there were no limits? In many cases, we just don’t allow ourselves to think BIG enough. I urge you to try eliminating the status quo and allow your thinking to build what you can be FOR the world not just IN the world. Significance vs. Success.

Spend Time in the Woods

Wide open spaces always help to get our creative thinking started. Come outside of your business or department and allow yourself to see things differently. Sometimes we spend so much time in the “weeds and trees." Let’s look at the whole forest.

Eat Plenty of Greens

What are you feeding your business? Is it healthy? Will it promote growth and opportunity? Ensure that you are adding good “greens” to your business or department – good people, good processes and systems and good leadership to take the business to where you want it to be. And, on a side note, are you taking care of YOURSELF? Eating healthy, exercising, relaxing and doing what you like to do will only benefit the health of the business overall.

Hold Your Head High

Not to be confused with lack of humility! Be proud of being a great leader! Good leaders create more leaders. Have you thought about the lives you affect every day by being a good leader and having a healthy business? Multiple the number of employees at your business by 10. . . this is the number of lives you affect every day by owning a business or leading a department. The community and the people who live and work there are able to support other businesses and enjoy good lives - which help communities thrive!

Wendy's moose. on track, with head held high and nose clean.

Wendy's moose. on track, with head held high and nose clean.

Stay On Track

We should always start with the end in mind! What is the vision for your business or department? Once you know where you are going or want to go, the goals and objectives are then written and followed to keep you and the business on track. We do the right things at the right time to the right proportion to achieve the right results!

Keep Your Nose Clean

Hmmm, I could go many places with this one! As a business owner and leader, stay out of the dirt. Keep that nose clean and breathe in deeply. Think about the recording that plays in your head. Ensure that it is positive and provides the energy you need to keep you and your followers motivated and inspired.

It’s OK to be Wild

Mix it up! Try a different process or system! Initiate fun things at work! Catch someone doing something good! So many business owners and leaders share that they get bored with the mundane. We should all own businesses or have a profession that gives us the life that we want. Sometimes that means trying things differently and having fun along the way!