Advice from a Buffalo

By Wendy Lydon

In September, 2015 Wendy had an exciting vacation with family in Yellowstone National Park. She picked up several “Advice from . . ." writings authored by Ilan Shamir and is sharing them with you to expand the thinking and apply to your business.

Stand your ground

Dream your dream and stay on track to achieve everything you envisioned. Don’t be derailed by any obstacles in your way. Be open enough to get assistance from other professionals to remove barriers quickly. 

Let the chips fall where they may. :)

Let the chips fall where they may. :)

Have a tough hide

It ain’t easy being an owner and leader. And it’s not for the faint of heart. Stay strong and continue to build your toughness through dedication, continued learning, and commitment to yourself and those you lead.

Keep moving on

Always work toward your goal and move forward to achieve them. Taking even small action steps every day toward your goal moves you closer to success.

Cherish wide open spaces

Take the time to think big! Allow yourself the space to create powerful new ideas. And get ready to execute these ideas. Sometimes small spaces are overcrowded with fear, caution, perfection and past experiences. Come out and enjoy a space where you are able to invent and work towards making a difference. 

Have a strong spirit

Another word for spirit is “will.” You can train yourself to use your will to get a hold of your mental throttle to turn on a full head of steam when necessary. Power up or power down when you need to. When you are able to access the powered-up state, you will find that you are not any more tired when running under full pressure, than when you are moving at a slow pace. This is a key to unlimited power in action.

Roam wild and free

A sense of restraint will squash creativity and innovation. Remember to remove barriers that may cause the business to evolve into what it needs to be to give you the life that you want. Sometimes the restraint may be YOU. Get out of the way of yourself.

Let the chips fall where they may

What happens – happens. Sometimes it is okay to let things play out . . . within reason. You have already taken the risk of being an owner and leader. Now is the time to work the business to reduce additional risk.