When I say "anti-social HR," what does it mean?

Would you describe your HR as “anti-social”?

I’ve been leading workshops for a not-for-profit group called Priority Two for about 10 years. Recently, I was leading a workshop of about 20 people, all with years of experience working in professional and administrative careers, who now found themselves seeking employment. Many of them had not sought employment for a decade or more. During our group discussions, the term “anti-social human resources” came up.

“What do you mean?” I asked them.

They stated that many companies’ HR representatives do not provide them with a great impression of the company. They said that the job functions, duties and responsibilities are not available or well-defined. They told me that success in the position could not be explained by HR representatives. There was no passion or excitement for the company and its direction. There wasn’t a clear agreement on exactly what the interviewer hoped to achieve during the interview. And finally, they mentioned the “HR black hole” – the experience of sending information to HR online and having it go forever unacknowledged.

NASA didn't realize they illustrated an all-too-familiar HR process.

NASA didn't realize they illustrated an all-too-familiar HR process.

How would your company stack up?

Have you recently reviewed your business plans to ensure you have a staffing plan? Are your current and future employees a functional fit for your short- and long-term business success?

Focus on effectively running your company’s human resources functions is critical. But why?

Because ALL employees must contribute to the bottom line, and there is less room today financially to carry non-productive employees. Competition for the great, productive employee is at an all-time high. They may cost a bit more, but so can non-productive employees and turnover.

If the business does not do the upfront work to recruit effectively and lead employees through the strongest agreements possible, it may never achieve the desired outcomes and success for the owner. A strong human resources program in today’s business environment is required.

The need to recruit, hire, on-board, train and retain top quality management and associates to your company is more critical than ever.

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Have a great summer!