Do you skip networking events?

Do you find lots of reasons to skip out on networking events that might be helping you prospect for customers?

Click here to read USNews & World Report's tips for you.

I've got two of my own, thanks to Nicole Hammond.

  1. For goodness sake, bring a buddy! It's a great idea to network with a friend or coworker, especially if networking is hard for you. If you start to feel overwhelmed by the number of unfamiliar faces or tired by the amount of energy you're expending, retreat to your pal. Regroup. Recharge. Get back out there.
  2. Ladies, wear jewelry. I certainly dressed professionally for networking events, but Nicole mentioned to me, "You know, if you put something sparkly next to your face, people will look at you and remember you more." I didn't believe her, so I took an informal survey of other coworkers. Several (!) shared anecdotes about remembering a client's eyeglasses, necklace, earrings or hairstyle - even before their names. These little cues helped them start conversations, which is where networking begins. 

    Now I make a point to pay attention to my own jewelry... and as a bonus, it's easier to compliment the jewelry, tie, socks, hairstyle, etc. of someone I've just met. It's a natural conversation-starter.

Do you have a networking question? Or do you hate doing it? At ThistleSea we network a lot, and we'd be happy to meet and help you to get better.