The Perfect Marketing Strategy

"Perfection is something you should strive for every day but realize you may never reach!"

If someone was to ask me what the most important thing to do in marketing a professional service these days, I might suggest a number of marketing strategies.

But what I'd emphasize, above all else, would be taking action on something, anything, and not worrying if it was perfect enough.

Last last year I had an imperfect campaign to launch a new idea.

Then I designed an imperfect  campaign and launched it.

I sent imperfect emails to announce it.

I put on imperfect teleclasses to promote it.

I did imperfect interviews with marketing experts.

I led imperfect coaching calls with members.

I tried several imperfect introductory pricing strategies. And the clients are getting imperfect results.

I now have about 650 new clients, and that's perfect!

I will continue in my imperfect ways.

I just designed imperfect Groups.  And no doubt I will manage those imperfectly as well.

If you are waiting to do things perfectly before you get started, you may just be a perfect idiot. Perfection is something you strive for, realizing it is never reached.

The Bottom Line: Got a marketing idea? Jump in and do it imperfectly. Your imperfect idea with the imperfect plan and the imperfect implementation may just attract all the new customers you need.

What do you do imperfectly and get great results anyway?

ThistleSea Business Development, has the resources and the expertise to help you grow a "sustainable" business even if a bit imperfectly.

Adapted from an eZine by Robert Middleton, President , Action Plan Marketing