In our experience, clients who get this ranking on the evaluation now have a team of people who take care of some of the details of day-to-day business needs. There are even times, unlike in the beginning, when a sale or project happens without them. They have a lot of ideas for ways to expand and to make everything run more smoothly.

Some typical questions business owners bring up at this stage are:

  • Why can’t things just run smoothly?
  • Why is it that if I’m not on top of everything, the team gets fragmented and quality suffers?
  • How can I spend less time fighting fires and more time leading the company?
  • I think we need new ways of selling or communicating with the team or delivering to our client/customer, but what will work best?

Here are some questions we have found that help business owners at this stage bring order out of the chaos.

  • Are you and your team focused on the same purpose for your business? What is that purpose? Do you have a strategic action plan that is in line with your purpose?
  • Are your goals and objectives Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results-Oriented and Timebound (SMART)? Are they meaningful and understandable by your entire team?
  • Are your sales people expected to meet specific goals and to be knowledgeable about the benefits of your products and services? Do you have regular productive sales meetings with an agenda and a desired outcome? Do you have a sales model that works and delivers results?
  • Are you able to depend on your team when you are unavailable? Are you able to delegate responsibility to your team members, and are you confident they will complete the task the first time, every time?

What a relief it is for owners to find out that not only are they not the only ones with these issues, but there are tested solutions and best practices they can put in place!

Now it is time to take your business to the level where you function as Executive Leader, and we are here to encourage your progress. We have identified a number of areas where we help business owners like you reach your goals and objectives and to determine what your business purpose is.

Those areas include:

  • SMART goal setting: What are your exact goals and how can you reach them? Are your goals realistic and tracked/measured? Do you have a 3 to 5 year goal, an annual goal, and guidepost goals to help you accomplish your company vision?
  • Systemization: What areas of your current systems could be more efficient? What additional processes and procedures could be more efficient or less time consuming? Are your systems documented?
  • Sales Management: Are all of your sales people knowledgeable about the benefits of your products and services? Do you have regular sales training and measure the effectiveness of your marketing and sales initiatives? Do you have a consistent sales process for your sales people to follow so they can be more successful? Do you track and measure their productivity?
  • Team Delegation: Do you have the right people in the right positions? Do your people have the tools they need to complete their responsibilities effectively and efficiently? Are you confident in your team’s ability to complete tasks that you have always done yourself?
  • Diversification: Are there additional products or services that would complement your current offerings? Do you have a visionary within your company that always looks for opportunities (and threats) for your business to capitalize on?

Through our coaching and training programs you can evaluate and improve these areas. You will take a high level look at your business so you can refine your market and grow your company even more profitably.

You’ll be well on your way from Business Manager to growing your business into a higher level of success as Executive Leader!