This is where Henry Ford and Richard Branson started too!

If you are like most Technician Entrepreneurs, you have a great idea, a new product, or specials skills and knowledge that are the foundation for your business.

Does anything happen in your business without you knowing about it? Are you in control over all areas of your business because, for the most part, you are doing it all? (Or maybe directly supervising a few employees or contractors?)

Is time a big issue for you? Do you sometimes feel like your customer service isn’t what it could or should be because you’re barely getting the order out or making it to the next appointment on time?

Other questions that arise at this stage often include:

  • Am I selling to the right people?
  • Is my pricing right?
  • How can I make sure I am profitable on every quote or transaction?

These are common problems when starting and operating any business. If these questions sound familiar, you are going through the growing pains of the Technician Entrepreneur stage of operating your business.

Now it’s time for you to take it to a higher level, and ThistleSea’s Business Coaches can help.

We’ve identified several areas where we can help emerging business owners like you gain control of your company and move from working in your business to managing your business.

Those areas include:

  • Time Management: What tasks in your business can be easily and affordably delegated or outsourced to improve efficiency?
  • Marketing: What is your Unique Selling Proposition (USP)? In other words why do your customers buy from you rather than your competition? Does your marketing take advantage of your USP?
  • Systems: Systems allow you to measure progress and improve efficiency. What aspects of your business are ready to be systemized?
  • Profitability: What services and/or products make you the most money? Are you losing money in certain areas? Are expenses under control? Where can you increase profitability in your business?
  • Team Formation: Who is the next key player for your team to help you grow?
  • Leadership: We can help you transition from “doing everything” to “leading everything.”

Through our coaching and training programs you can evaluate and improve these areas. You will take a high level look at your business so you can refine your market and grow your company even more profitably.

You’ll be well on your way from Technician Entrepreneur to growing your business into a higher level of success as Business Manager!