Extended DISC® Individual Assessment


Extended DISC® Individual Assessment


The Extended DISC® is an instrument that combines a range of valuable analyses, forming a simple, unified system that can be used to generate understandable, integrated information on an individual, team, or entire organization.

Your purchase includes an Extended DISC® Personal Analysis and one-hour consultation with a ThistleSea coach to discuss your results.

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Extended DISC is the leader in understanding how information about people can generate business value. 

Among EDISC's benefits are:

  • Better hiring decisions
  • Reduction in staff turnover
  • Higher productivity
  • Better use of individual strengths
  • Enhanced communication
  • Better sales results
  • More efficient teamwork
  • More effective organization
  • Better management decisions
  • Better business plans
  • Better business results

Unique features of EDISC:

  • Measures emotions.
  • Contains more behavioral styles than in any other instrument.
  • Is difficult to cheat.
  • Provides more stable results than with any other instrument.
  • Measures the individual both on unconscious AND conscious levels.
  • Assesses, and also helps the individual.
  • Contains significantly larger test bank than competitors’.
  • Provides easy-to-obtain reports.
  • Are available in several languages